Claire Lost Her Bear At The World's Fair

By Mark and Chris Mariano

Published by Polar Press

When Claire loses her favorite bear, Benny, at the World’s Fair, she finds what truly matters. Throughout the vibrant, artful, and heartwarming comic book story, readers will find facts about the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.

Watch the video for a look at the book!

For Ages 3 and up

Published by Polar Press

8.5 x 8.5 inches Hardcover


ISBN: 978-1-946185-08-2


For Ages 3 and up

Made by Stuffimals

16 inches


Benny Bear

Straight from pages of Claire Lost Her Bear At The World's Fair and into your heart, Benny Bear is the perfect cuddly companion. Made from the softest materials on Earth, Benny Bear was built to be loved. Read to him, snuggle with him, have tea with him, take him on adventures. Benny Bear is a wonderful addition to any stuffed animal collection!

Another fine product from Stuffimals and Golden Bell Studios

Watch the video for a look at Benny Bear!

The CLAIRE LOST HER BEAR AT THE WORLD'S FAIR board game is in development with Golden Bell Games...

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